There are two things we get at Engage! Cleveland — how important the young professional community is to our future and just how awesome Cleveland really is. At Engage, we connect, empower and grow Cleveland’s young professionals by introducing them to all that our favorite city has to offer. From young professional organizations to volunteer opportunities, and from professional development programs to career advancements, at Engage we are a YP's first resource to getting connected and established in Cleveland.


Young Professionals

Connect with people and activities that fit your interests.



Partner with us to help your business better understand, grow and retain its YP talent.


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Non Profits

Work with Engage! Cleveland to increase YP involvement in your nonprofit initiatives.

Facts on Engage! Cleveland

Three out of four people under the age of 28 first pick a place to live before they find a job. Engage! Cleveland is working to put Cleveland at the top of the list of great places for young professionals to work, live and play. Here are the facts:


Young professional organizations in the Cleveland area


Of events in Cleveland each year for young professionals


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